Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame

Courtesy of: Trahan Architects

BIM Process Management

One of the many benefits of BIM is the ability to utilize models created by all members of the design and construction team to improve project coordination. CASE provides cross-disciplinary BIM coordination management services incorporating models, data and documents produced by various members of a project team. CASE...

Model Authoring and Documentation

BIM is not a single model or software, it is the process of managing geometric elements and the associated data in order to accomplish specific tasks. CASE has extensive experience creating BIM deliverables in a variety of software platforms throughout all phases of a project. We provide comprehensive modeling...

Clash Analysis

CASE provides clash detection services for clients looking to coordinate geometry across trades or within any particular trade. 'Hard' and 'proximity' clash detection are powerful tools in identifying areas where systems or building components are uncoordinated. CASE also works with its clients to...

Courtesy of: VCC USA

As part of a project BIM requirement the CM, VCC USA, was tasked with providing model-based trades coordination for the new Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame, a new $12 million, 28,000 square foot building designed by Trahan Architects. CASE was brought on to assist VCC in their first BIM project, providing modeling services for electrical, HVAC, sprinkler and architectural trades (pre-cast), as well as running and managing clash, clearance and sequence analysis across the project. CASE worked alongside VCC in running web-based weekly coordination meetings, using the model as both an issue tracking record as well as a communication tool between the CM and its sub-contractors. This approach enabled experienced construction managers, engineers, fabricators and tradesmen to view their issues in the context of other trades and focus on problem-solving regardless of their 3D capabilities.

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